Electronic invoice reception is not just
for large corporations with vast resources

Receive all invoices through Sproom

With a profile in Sproom, you can receive invoices from all your suppliers, in exactly the way you want them.

This keeps all your invoices in one place and you can access them 24/7. You can also select to have all invoices forwarded to an email address or directly to your accounting system. You have complete control, always!

No more invoices will be lost in the depths of your inbox.




Goodbye to retyping and scanning

Do you have a financial system or an invoice approval system that can receive and process fully electronic invoices? Then you can say your final goodbyes to retype or scan of invoices. With Sproom, you simply approve the electronic invoice and finalize it for payment!

This is the same solution as both the Danish public sector and the country's major corporations employ and in addition to great savings in both time and money, it also results in significantly fewer errors and significantly improved data.

Once you have created your log-in and chosen your preferred integration solution, you are on track. If you come across any challenges or are unsure about something, our customer service is ready to help you.


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Harvest the benefits

When you receive all invoices in the same place and in the same format, your internal process is guaranteed to much simpler.

You always know where you have data, you have the full history of each document at hand, and you minimize the risk of the mistakes that often occur in manual processing.



Getting started

Convinced? It only takes a few minutes to get started with receiving invoices through Sproom, and it does not cost you anything.

Find the profile that best fits your needs, and get started right away.


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