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We are not alone

Changing the way companies’ trade is an ambitious vision. This is why Sproom is built on the idea of an open network and is moreover why we see partnerships as an important element in order to achieve our vision.

We collaborate with a wide range of partners all of whom have expertise within their own specific area. One thing that these have in common is that they all contribute to making electronic commerce simpler and smarter. Each partnership hence provides value for our customers, our partner and us.


Invoice approval

Sproom ensures that companies can send and receive electronic documents. But we also want to ensure that the documents will continue their flow in the company, once they have arrived. This is why we work closely with a number of providers of invoice approval systems. We deliver documents directly to the invoice approval systems, where they are processed further. Sproom gives their customers greater value of their invoice approval solutions, as far more documents go directly into their system.


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Accounting systems

Electronic invoicing, both incoming and outgoing, becomes truly valuable and resource-saving when it can be combined with the ERP- or accounting system you are already using.

This is why we are making great efforts to constantly be represented among the most common systems, and we are expanding the list all the time. So if you have a provider that is not listed here, do not hesitate to contact us - then we will be happy to open a dialogue with your system provider.


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In Sproom we collaborate with a range of carrier networks in Europe and around the world, to create connections across networks. We take charge of resolving all technical and legal challenges, so our customers can spend valuable time on their business instead. We regularly enter partnerships with new operators, so our customers can connect to even more of their customers and suppliers through Sproom's network.


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At Sproom we occasionally experience customers with requests that we can not solve alone. Therefore, we have a number of partners who can help the customer proceed with the conversion of special formats, setting up special connections, integration to specific systems etc. This is how we ensure that even customers with the most specific requirements can enjoy the benefits of Sproom.


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