Take advantage of the great value-creating effects of
consistent reception, detailed data and more freed resources.

Receive everything electronically

With uniform, centralized reception of all supplier invoices directly into the systems you use today, entirely new possibilities occur for the optimization of your internal processes.

But to make the most of your transition to electronic invoice reception, it is important that both the technical solution and the communication with suppliers is in place. This task will for most companies be quite demanding and challenging in terms of resources - but Sproom has a solution!

We have helped some of the largest Nordic companies achieve 100% electronic processing of supplier invoices, and we have been trusted with this type of task because we, in all humility, have the best and most well tested solutions.


Full operations


With one of the largest networks in Scandinavia, several years of experience as an operator, as well as a wide range of value-adding solutions, Sproom offers you the benefit of a single provider.

You only need one provider

Sprooms network of companies is today one of the largest of its kind in the Nordic countries. When you dispatch or receive invoices, there is already a very high probability that we are involved in conversion, transportation or deliverys, even if you are not a Sproom user yet.

You do not need to concentrate on anything other than your core business - we will ensure that all of your suppliers always can reach you, no matter how they bill.

Sproom guarantees that your suppliers never look for you in vain, and ensures that you always receive invoices right where it suits you, in the format you can read.


An experienced specialist

Sproom has a wide experience of what can be done to achieve 100% full electronic invoice reception.

We have a proven model for what needs to be done, when and how. Right from the technical setup between your ERP and IWF systems and Sproom, to how electronic supplier invoices subsequently can be validated and processed, as well as registration, authorization and accounting.

Supplier activation


With a combination of one of the market's preferred platforms for small and large businesses and the most thoroughly tested argumentation, we provide a quick and highly efficient activation of your suppliers. You need minimal internal resources - we will do all the work.

Al suppliers will be up and running in no time

The transition to electronic invoice reception is much more than a technical solution. To avoid a failed project, a structured, sharp and effective communication with suppliers is required - otherwise you fail to benefit from the full potential and hence the savings through efficiency the reception electronic invoices provides.

Equipped with simple and easy access to the complex technology, understanding of each supplier base and resources to help them get started has Sproom secured the industry's highest adoption rate in a very short time with a number of companies without making heavy demands on their internal resources.

From you have made ​​the decision to outsource supplier activation, all you will spend is a few hours of work - and after a few weeks, we have activated your suppliers.

Immediate results

Sproom has conducted hundreds of supplier activations over the past years. They have all been different, but the results are the same:


Infinity   75-90% activated suppliers already after 6-8 weeks
Infinity   Reduction of non-electronic invoices by more than 80%
Infinity   50% more pre-approvals
Infinity   80% fewer payment reminders
Infinity   50% less resources spend on invoice processing
Infinity   Satisfied suppliers

Sproom Verify


Be sure that all invoices received always contain exactly the information that you need to process them. Sproom Verify validates your incoming invoices based on your own set of rules for the content.

We do not just filter incomplete invoices, we also ensure that they are corrected before you receive them.

Always correct information 

It is not uncommon that up to 25% of all supplier invoices miss important information as requestor, order number, case number, etc.

Typically this type of errors are tentatively solved by guesswork or by contacting the supplier. It is both time-consuming, contains a great much risk of errors and does not solve the problem for future invoices.

With Sproom Verify you will never spend any resources on these errors - all necessary information is present when you receive the invoice. The supplier is made ​​aware of any deficiencies while the invoice is made ​​or immediately after attempting to transmit. With just a few clicks the sender will have access to correct the error directly in the document, without starting over.

All this happens before the invoice enters your approval flow, which means that all invoices meet your needs for optimal and efficient authentication.


No manual collection of information from suppliers

With an optimal process where the supplier always sprovide the necessary information before the invoice gets to your end, you save a lot of resources.

By never having to keep an eye on the quality of every document and manually contact colleagues or suppliers, you release considerable time to create value instead.

With Sproom Verify no news is good news, which means that you can remove all attention from checking up on the content of the invoices - you will be notified if there is anything you need to do.