Gather all your invoice dispatches in one single place
and gain instant results.



You no longer have to keep track of the different ways your different customers can receive invoices. Just send it all from Sproom - we will take care of the rest.

Send invoices to your clients, both public and private companies. You dispatch in the way that is easiest for you and we will make sure your customers always receive your invoices in the format they wish.





If you already have an accounting system, you can easily integrate it with Sproom. Send electronic invoices directly via your own accounting system and gain significant savings, better control and less errors with a minimal involvement of IT.

It only takes 5 minutes to get started!


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Type your invoices online

If you do not have an accounting system, you can use Sproom’s invoice form - absolutely free of charge. Type your invoices online, and send as many as you need, without any payment.

If you enter large amounts of invoices online, Type Easy will save you most of the manual work and hence free up time in your work day.


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Elektronisk, papir og pdf



Elektronic, PDF and paper

When you send an invoice electronically from Sproom, your customer will always receive it as he prefers.

If the customer has an GLN number or a Sproom account, he will receive it there. In case he only has an email-address, the invoice will be sent as a PDF. And if he would prefer to receive it on paper, it only takes a single click to send it to his physical address - and best of all: You only pay for postage. Print, paper, and envelope is on us.


Even if you do not have an accounting or ERP system, you can type your first invoice immediately - or you can create a log-in first and decide on a profile type before starting.

Do you have an accounting system? Simply create a log-in and set up your integration - that is it.


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