Connect your accounting system to Sproom
in only a few minutes!


What is an integration?

If you have an accounting system and want all billing collected in your existing solution, an integration with Sproom is your perfect match.

Both outgoing and incoming invoices can quickly and easily be integrated into your existing system and improve convenience considerably - like when you enter an invoice as usual in your accounting system: With the Sproom integration, you can now send it off fully electronically with just a single click.

With the integration, there is no need to log in, upload or type anything. You just add the recipient information you have to the invoice, and we will do the rest.

If there is a GLN number on the invoice, we will send it there - and if the customer should prefer another format we will automatically convert it, without asking any effort from you: If there is an email address, we will convert the invoice to PDF and send it by email. And if the only contact information is a physical address, we will print the invoice and send it by old-fashioned mail - and you only pay the postage. You do not have to give neither printing nor enveloping any thought. Win, win!

In other words; an integration to Sproom means that you send and receive any invoice in one way, through the system you already use, and we will take care of everything else.  





You do not have to be an IT-expert

Sproom is made ​​for accountants, financial staff, salesmen and buyers. We have done all we can to ensure that it does not require lengthy IT training to integrate your accounting system with Sproom. In most cases, you can set up the integration from your desktop with a few clicks.

In case you have a more technically demanding set-up, we guarantee that it will not take long for your system provider or IT department to set up a safe and stable integration.

In case of any questions or issues, our support staff is always ready to assist.

Sproom makes the complex simple. Quite simply.







Will my ERP system
integrate with Sproom?

If you have an accounting system that is less than 10 years old, it should integrate seamlessly with Sproom.

Our users run many different systems and we have very good partnerships with all of the most popular ERPs in Scandinavia.

Systems like AX, C5, NAV or Visma will certainly integrate, but even if you use another system, do not hesitate. Give us a call and let us find the best way for you to integrate with Sproom.

+45 88 20 20 40

Many ways to integrate

Whether you are an accountant, an IT professional, a pure tech-geek or if you crunch numbers for a living, the list below will provide you with a range of integration solutions - also one that you can set up with your current technical level.

  • Get started in 5 minutes!

    Send and receive invoices automatically directly from your computer with Sproom Connector.

    The preferred integration solution among Sproom's users is simple, reliable and takes just minutes to set up.

    When your computer is on and connected to the Internet, the Sproom Connector silently works in the background. When you add invoices from your accounting system into your outbox folder, the Sproom Connector downloads them and ships them to your receiver. You will only be notified if there are errors or deficiencies in the file, if it does not arrive, or if your recipient does not open it within a certain time.

    It could not be any easier!

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  • Avoid installing software

    If you do not want to install third-party software you can very easily send and receive documents Sproom’s SFTP access without having to install Sproom Connector.

    With one of these solutions, you can send and receive your invoices directly in Sproom via a standard connection.

  • No need to change your systems!

    We are constantly developing our integration solutions, and currently we are expanding our API, allowing you to better integrate Sproom with the web service you use today.

    We are ready to help you get set up in no time, so do not hesitate to give us a call - we will find a solution for you.

    +45 88 20 20 40

  • Not sure what to do?

    If you have an online version of a common financial system and are not sure which option is the best for you, we have lucky to have a wide range of skilled partners that can help you get started.

    The list of partners is long, but if your provider should fail to be represented, do not hesitate to contact either them or us, so you can get Sproom up and running - we never leave anyone behind.