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Astellas Pharma Nordic only accepts electronic invoicing


Astellas Pharma Nordic
only accepts electronic invoicing


Our account payables are fully electronic. This means that we no longer accept paper, PDF or scanned invoices. All invoices to us must be sent electronically to our GLN number: 5790002054518.


How to proceed


I am unable to send e-invoices    

Do as over 30.000 other companies – use Sproom, the fastest growing e-invoicing platform in the Nordics. It’s easy to use and covers your needs.


Create a user and start sending right away.


I am familiar with sending e-invoices


If you are already able to send e-invoices though an operator please read how to proceed here:

I use a Danish operator
If you already send electronic invoices through VANS or NemHandel you just need to add Astellas Pharma’s GLN number and make sure that all future invoices to Astellas Pharma Nordic are sent electronically via the connection you use today.

I use a Swedish, Norwegian or Finish operator
Contact your operator and find out how you can send to Astellas Pharma Nordic via your operator. Be aware that not all operators are able to send through Astellas Pharma’s provider, Sproom. Thus it can create technical challenges to get the invoice routing working which might delay your ability to send electronic invoices to Astellas Pharma.

In the meantime, we recommend you to use Sproom where you can type in or upload your invoice or even integrate with your ERP system in order to send to us right away. Your Sproom Starter profile is free but if you need more there are several different profiles to choose from. Learn more at


Important information
on invoices to Astellas Pharma Nordic


The following information must be present on all invoices sent to Astellas Pharma Nordic. If one or more is missing, we will return the invoice and it will be considered not received.

GLN-number: 5790002054518
PO number: (Provided to you by Astellas Pharma with each purchase)

If you need more information you can call our account payable department +45 4343 0355.


We thank you for your understanding and we are looking forward to a better and more contemporary cooperation.


Astellas Pharma Nordic